Longbow Business Park & Golf Club is a 330 acre mixed use commercial development located in Mesa, Arizona. The property combines office, light industrial, retail, hotel, high density residential, and hotel uses with the centerpiece of the development, the Longbow Golf Club award-winning recreational amenity.

The Longbow Golf Club was designed and constructed to serve as both an amenity and as a drainage facility for the surrounding commercial development. Pre-dating the “green movement”, the golf course recycled existing vegetation, buildings, and used natural, locally sourced materials in the construction.

Project Location: Mesa, Arizona

Project Size: 330 acres

Project Type: Commercial Mixed Use (Office, Retail, Hotel, Multi-family, Light Industrial, Mini-storage, Golf Course)

Services Provided: Due diligence, acquisition, financial analysis, entitlements, site planning, strategic development, assessment district management, development management, construction management, community association, valuation services.

Client: Daedalus Real Estate Advisors, Dover Associates, Longbow Golf Club Associates, Longbow Business Park Property Owners Association