GReAT offers a multi-disciplined approach to assist lenders, investors, receivers, attorneys, and real estate professionals understand the physical, economic, financial, and legal status of each property within the portfolio to unlock the maximum value of each asset.

We staff our team with a select set of real estate professionals with advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, planning, law, construction and business depending on the assignment. We have experience managing the process of planning, designing, permitting, budgeting and scheduling, negotiating with contractors, and constructing development projects of all sizes.

We provide services from pre-acquisition through property sale and across an array of industry sectors including commercial mixed use, multi-family, master planned communities, office, industrial, and retail properties.  We take the time necessary to evaluate the needs and objectives of each project and tailor our services accordingly.

The services we offer are broadly categorized into Due Diligence + Development & Investment Strategy, Development Management, and Financial Analysis + Valuation + Cash Flow.  

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Due Diligence + Development & Investment Strategy

Due Diligence represents a broad category of services typically performed prior to acquisition.  Due diligence is performed to uncover important features or aspects of the property needed as a basis for making decisions regarding acquisition, disposition, as well as identifying the opportunities and risks of the investment.  The due diligence process, defined individually for each property, is considered as a systematic audit of the real estate involving numerous disciplines and consultants. 

Development & Investment Strategy. Once due diligence is complete or an the opportunities and constraints can be determined, a strategy or strategies for development or investment can be crafted to minimize downside risk.  Such strategies may include site planning, design, cost analyses and budgeting, options for phasing of improvements, financing options such as assessment district formation, and evaluating possible development or investment scenarios including disposition options.

Development Management

As a development manager, we take a lead role in assembling and directing the multi-disciplinary team of consultants needed to acquire, entitle, design, engineer, and construct the project.  Working with our client, we prepare the initial budgets, schedules and document the relevant issues to ensure they are maintained and coordinated. We work diligently to maintain schedules, budgets, and secure the necessary permits and entitlements are provided to minimize delays and reduce costs.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS + Valuation + Cash Flow

We believe that for any project to be sustainable, it needs to be financially vibrant.  We underwrite our projects with sound and verifiable assumptions. We have modeled land development, new and investment grade office, industrial, and retail properties.  We model all of our analyses using Argus Developer, Argus Enterprise, and Microsoft Excel – creating dynamic spreadsheets to test assumptions, variables, and scenarios. We analyze commercially available data to test our assumptions to form market driven valuation.

As one of the largest expenses for holding property, we review and appeal property taxes for our clients in Arizona.  We have a very high success rate in our appeals to the County Assessor or the Board of Equalization.