Cahava Springs is a 945 acre master planned community situated within the desert foothills of Cave Creek. The property is home to an assortment of sensitive environmental habitats.  Environmental analyses and studies, archaeology and cultural resources surveys and investigations, and carefully attention to the natural topography and features of the property crafted a vision for the master plan.  The community is designed to preserve, protect and enhance the desert environment.

Over 250 acres has been gifted to the Town of Cave Creek as preserve area forever protecting the namesake natural springs  located on the property.  The property has a history of prehistoric, historic, and now modern day development.  Cahava Springs will be developed in four separate villages tied together with streets and trails.  

Each village is conceptualized with its own unique character in response to its location, natural features, topography, view corridors, and washes.  The average lot is over two acres.  Each lot will have a unique building envelope for all construction activities.  The balance of the property will be left in its natural state and preserved as open space. 

The project was organized under Title 48 of the Arizona Revised Statute as a special taxing district to fund the infrastructure.

Project Location: Cave Creek, Arizona

Project Size: 945 acres

Project Type: Master planned community planned around a pristine natural area

Services Provided: Due diligence, financial analysis, entitlements, site planning, strategic development, property tax valuation appeals, assessment district management, project management, construction management, community association.

Client: Pyramid Community Developers, Cahava Springs Investors, Cahava Springs Development Corporation, Cahava Springs Revitalization District