GReAT, LLc is an experienced, full-service real estate advisory company providing independent research and consulting services for real estate investors, developers, and institutions. We focus on developing strategies aimed at improving operations, unlocking value, and minimizing risk. We specialize in the analysis, management, and development of a broad range of residential and commercial real estate. We follow a disciplined and pragmatic approach to programming, design, and management, tailored to meet the unique aspects of each individual project. We are creative, thoughtful, respectful, technical, economical, and solution driven.

GReAT Services

The services we offer are broadly categorized into Due Diligence + Development & Investment Strategy, Development Management, and Valuation + Cash Flow Analysis. 

Due Diligence + Development & Investment Strategy

Development Management

Valuation + Cash Flow Analysis

GReAT offers a multi-disciplined approach to assist lenders, investors, receivers, attorneys, and real estate professionals understand the physical, economic, financial, and legal status of each property within the portfolio to unlock the maximum value of each asset. 

We staff our team with a select set of real estate professionals with advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, planning, law, construction, and business management depending on the specific assignment.  We have experience managing the process of planning, designing, permitting, budgeting and scheduling, negotiating with contractors, and constructing development projects of all sizes. 

We provide services from pre-acquisition through property sale and across an array of industry sectors including commercial mixed use, master planned communities, office, industrial, and retail properties.  We take the time necessary to evaluate the needs and objectives of each project and tailor our services accordingly. 

GReAT Projects

Since 2001, GReAT has completed numerous real estate development and investment projects across the United States with a particular emphasis on projects in Arizona.  Projects include commercial mixed-use, residential master planned communities, office, industrial, and retail projects. 

Mixed Use Development

Longbow Business Park & Golf Club

Park Place

Summit Business Park

83West 10 Commerce Center

Middle Mountain

Gilbert Town Center

Dover Industrial Park

Master Planned Communities

Adobes de la Tierra

Stonehaven (Mirabel)

Cahava Springs

Copper Basin

Brighton Village

Office + Retail + Industrial

The Hub – 2626 S Hardy


Diablo Technology Center

Arcadia Office Suites

Middle Mountain Office Center

Pecan Plaza

Offices at Summit

Park Place Executive Offices

Brookside Village

Valuation + Cash Flow

First Industrial Real Estate Trust

Singerman Real Estate

Dover Associates

Daedalus Real Estate Advisors

Cyburt Hall Partners

Merit Partners

Aurbis Development

Richfield Land Investments

GReAT Research

In addition to our services and projects, we have prepared numerous articles and documents to provide information and guides for developing and investing in real estate.

The following articles organized into Introduction to Real Estate, Learning Excel, and Cash Flow Analysis.  The articles are posted as a resource providing practical application of fundamental concepts for real estate development and investment.  

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